Library thanks Voters for enabling changes at Harrisonville

Cass County Public Library is proud to announce they are reaching the final phase of improvements and changes to the Harrisonville branch. If patrons have not visited the branch recently they might be unaware of the renovated children’s section and storytime room, (Pic. 1 & 2), two new study rooms (Pic 3), new comfortable seating areas, (Pic.  4 & 5), upgraded computers and Internet service (Pic. 6 & 7) and a brand new meeting room (Pic. 8 & 9).

These upgrades are made possible by the passage of Proposition L, which voters overwhelmingly passed in 2020. The changes were in direct response to voter feedback gathered throughout that campaign and beyond.  Library Manager Karen Allen says “Patrons really like how it feels comfy and inviting. They have also noted that it feels so open and so much bigger in the branch since the moves.” The final piece involves optimizing the adult fiction collection to further open up the space.  These changes will occur over the next couple of weeks and be completed before summer library programs begin.

Cass County Public Library thanks the City of Harrisonville and the residents of Cass County for over 75 years of supporting the library. Our mission is to provide informational, educational, enrichment services, and resources to the community through a comprehensive and efficient library system. This is nearly impossible without their support.