Genealogy Branch Inquiries

Inquiries can be submitted to the Genealogy Branch by phone, email, or via the form below.

Phone: (816) 884-6285  —  Email:

While we are unable to conduct in-depth research on your behalf, our Genealogy staff is ready to assist with concise, specific research questions. Topics we typically receive inquiries about include obituaries, cemetery records, property and land records, and vital records, as well as general research advice and database suggestions.

Note: There is no fee associated with research inquiries, however, staff availability can affect the time it takes to receive an answer.

Tips for Forming a Genealogy Inquiry

To avoid miscommunication and frustration your inquiry should be as clear and concise as possible. We recommend that you focus on asking one question at a time. A staff member may then ask you a number of follow up questions to clarify or define elements of your question. It is also beneficial to include information you already know – resources and databases you have already tried, where you have previously looked, as well as how you searched (ie. search terms used in Google, information entered into search forms on Ancestry, etc.). This will prevent our staff from wasting time with information you might already have.

Inquiry examples include:

—  Can you help me find a death certificate for John Smith who died in Freeman around 1914?
—  There was a house fire in Belton on March 6, 1973, and I remember a newspaper article was written about it at the time, can you look it up?
—  Do you have any deed records with the last name Wallace in the 1870s?
—  Where can I find birth records for Russellville, Arkansas?
—  I need help using FamilySearch, can you explain it to me?

Copy Fees

Copies may be obtained of most records held in our collection. When processing your request, our staff will determine whether or not the original records may be copied due to fragility and standing copyright agreements.

The minimum fee for all copy requests is $1.00.  This covers up to 4 microfilm/microfiche copies or 6 photocopies.

  •     Additional microfilm/microfiche copies are 25 cents per page.
  •     Additional photocopies are 15 cents per page.

Please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for copy requests.  Note: a postage fee will be charged when a stamped envelope is not provided or the number of copies requested will not fit in the envelope provided.

Postage Fees

  •     1-10 pages: $1.00
  •     11-39 pages: $2.00
  •     40-75 pages: $3.00
  •     76-100 pages: $4.00

A quote will be provided for the postage fee for any copy request greater than 100 pages.