Board of Trustees

The Cass County Public Library system is governed by a five-member board of trustees. Trustees are appointed by the County Commission and serve four-year terms.

The board meets the third Wednesday of the month at 4:45pm in Pearson Hall, 400 East Mechanic Street, Harrisonville, MO, unless otherwise noted.

Audience Participation, Board Meetings
It is the policy of the Trustees of the Cass County Public Library to elicit input from library patrons and residents of Cass County.

A period of up to fifteen minutes for general comments from customers and citizens shall be scheduled at the beginning of each Board Meeting. Individual customer or citizen comments shall be limited to three (3) minutes. Each speaker will complete a comment form which will include the speaker’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, group affiliation (if any) and a brief description of the topic the speaker wishes to address. The Board President or presiding officer has the discretion to extend the time allotted for public comments.

Upon conclusion of the Public Comment portion of the agenda, unless requested by one of the Trustees present at the Board meeting, comments on specific agenda items will not be accepted from the audience.

Any written correspondence to the Board should be made to the Director’s attention at least twelve (12) days in advance of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Such correspondence shall be included in the reports and correspondence portion of the agenda. As a general rule, the Board will not respond to public comments at the time they are made. The Board may comment, take action or not take action with respect to a public comment at a future Board meeting, as it deems appropriate.

Correspondence for the Trustees will be distributed with monthly packets on the Friday before the monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. They may be contacted by specific name or for all Trustees.

Cass County Public Library Board of Trustees
400 E Mechanic St.
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Conduct Policy
All Board of Trustees meeting attendees must follow the library’s Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with CCPL’s established rules and regulations may result in permanent expulsion from the property and/or in arrest and prosecution.


Tonya Long
Board President
Appointed 2021

Becky Klein
Vice President
Reappointed 2021

Roger Toomey
Reappointed 2020
April Nourse
Appointed 2022
Jessica Levsen
Appointed 2022