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Harrisonville residents: meet your new librarian!

Karen Allen is the new manager at the Harrisonville library. She has worked for Cass County Library since 2004 and was previously the manager of the branch in Garden City.

Hello! My name is Karen Allen and I’m the new manager at the Cass County Public Library in Harrisonville.

I am married and have twin 19 year old daughters. They recently graduated from Harrisonville High School and are now attending Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.

We are empty nesters and are slowly adjusting to the quiet house. We live on 5 acres in Harrisonville and have a few pets. I grew up in Belton, MO and graduated from MU. I have lived in Harrisonville for 17 years and my daughters attended school here.

I have worked for the Cass County Public Library for the past 9 ½ years at the Garden City Branch. I was the Library Clerk for the first 3 years and the Branch Manager for the remaining 6 ½ years.

I am excited to work at the Harrisonville branch in a community and library system that I am proud to call home.

– Karen Allen, Harrisonville Branch Manager

4 thoughts on “Harrisonville residents: meet your new librarian!

  • Kristie Hertzog

    Hey Karen! It’s Kristie H. from Pleasant Hill/past Hickory Grove 4-H member). So nice to see you here! Congratulations! I took the survey sent out regarding the value/usage of our public libraries. I added a comment at the end, read it to my husband, David, and he thought it was very profound (!) It’s rare, I’m told! lol I didn’t copy it before finishing the survey. Is it possible I might have a copy of my survey/ comments? It’s probably a strange request, but if you know how I might retrieve it, I’d appreciate your advise. There is a woman listed by the name of Christie Kessler, at the end of the request to take the survey. Is she from our library in Pleasant Hill? and the survey was affiliated with ‘surveymonkey’ something or other.

    Kristie Hertzog

  • Kim Hendricks

    Harrisonville you all are so lucky to have Karen, she is wonderful! She will be greatly missed here in Garden City! ~The Hendricks Family

  • Hey Karen, this is Kristie H. from Hickory Grove 4-H, back in the day! Congratulations on your newest position at the library! I have a request, if you might know how I might get a copy of the CassCo Library survey I completed on Thursday, 1/16/14. I wanted to see the wording of a comment I made about electronics/written word. It was affiliated with surveymonkey.something. I’m not sure. The email also included a Christie Kessler as a possible contact. I’m not sure about all the information. Thought you might know which direction to point me in to find it.
    Thank you,
    Kristie Hertzog

  • Kristie Hertzog

    oops. sorry for the ditto. : /

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