A thank you to our employees

Our employees’ annual United Way donation campaign is underway! Last year, library employees donated $2,454.00 directly from their own paychecks to support local charities like Hope Haven of Cass County, Success by 6 Resource Center, Cass County Council on Aging and Grace Early Childhood Center.

Few are as familiar with the needs and struggles of a community like librarians. They get to help people with everyday needs each day – people that are applying for jobs online, trying to sign up for health insurance, wanting to print out pictures of grandkids from a computer, or just looking for a good book to read.

But many of those same hardworking library employees demonstrate a desire to personally do just a little bit more for their community. Thank you to all the employees who, despite modest library incomes, have donated generously to local charities each year. Your dedication to our community inspires me.

– Seth Hershberger, Assistant Director