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Winter Reading Bingo

Start 2019 off by playing Bingo for prizes! This year’s winter reading program has a new look and new rules, based on feedback from patrons.

Write the title of the book in the square that matches. You can only use a title once.

To participate this year, stop by your local branch (starting January 2nd) and pick up a BINGO card. Your bingo card is full of genres and categories of books for you to read (or listen to). There are also categories that don’t involve reading, like attending a library program. Write the title of the book, audiobook, program, etc. in the square and you’ll receive credit for that square.

You can only use one square per title (We see you checking out that book (1) set in the past (2) with a blue cover (3) from a library display that (4) you read under a blanket–choose the single square for that book wisely). There’s nothing stopping you from reading ALL your books under a blanket, though. Once you complete five squares in a row, you have scored your first BINGO! You can score up to 5 BINGOs during the winter reading program this year. After completing your BINGOs, return your card to your local branch to be entered into prize drawings.

Winter Reading Bingo lasts from January 2nd through February 28th. Stop by your local branch and get started today!