What’s in your “Bug-out-bag?”

If you had to evacuate because of a disaster, would you be ready? Would you have what you need to survive for seventy-two hours? (recommended by disaster relief organizations who say that it often takes up to 72 hours to reach those affected by a disaster).

A bug-out-bag, also knows as a 72 hour kit, is a portable kit that contains what you need to survive for a few days. This bag would allow you to evacuate quickly because of a disaster. The contents of the BOB may differ depending on the area in which you live and the type disaster.

Wilderness survival expert, Matt Tucker, explained to the Archie teens and tweens during the Summer Reading Program the need to have a “BOB bag” and what it should contain.

  • Water for 72 hours
    • Water for drinking:  3 litres per person per day
    • Water for cleaning and hygiene: 2 litres per person per day
    • Water purification supplies
    • Food for 72 hours
      • Backpack meals (freeze dried meals that you just add water to)
      • Energy bars
      • First Aid Kit/Medicines
      • Fire starting tool (matches, lighter, etc.)
      • Flashlights
      • Survival Knife
      • Compass
      • Duct tape and rope/paracord
      • Clothing (plan for the weather in your Bug-out-Bag)
        • Sturdy boots or shoes
        • Long pants
        • Socks (not cotton)
        • Shirts (you can layer)
        • Jacket (warm and protection from rain)
        • Hat
        • Bandana (30 uses for a bandana)
        • Shelter
          • Tent and tarp
          • Bedroll

You can find more information about Bug-Out-Bags by browsing various Bug-Out-Bag websites.

– Gail Roberts, Archie Branch Manager

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