ArchieCass Teens

Teen Tech Week at Archie library

The Archie library conducted a survey during the first two weeks of March in conjunction with Teen Tech Week (March 9 – 15). The teen patrons were asked for their favorite devices, social media games and more. Some of their responses are listed below.

  • Device: MP3/iPod, cell phone, computer, Nook/Kindle/reader
  • Social media: Facebook
  • Song: Battle of New Orleans, Believe, Heaven Knows, Psycho, Young Love, I Don’t Want this Night to End, Let It Go
  • Video Game: Call of Duty, Ghost, Dragon City, Crash, Darksiders, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim
  • Movie: Fast and Furious, October Baby, Alice in Wonderland, The Avengers, Now You See Me, Pitch Perfect
  • TV Show: Doctor Who, Trueblood, Vampire Knights, NCIS: LA, Magnum PI, Tom & Jerry, Breaking Bad
  • Music Video: Brian Haner, Blind & Broken by Lifehouse, I Don’t Want this Night to End, Pretty Reckless, Pink, Last Christmas by Cascada
  • Youtube Video: Kissed by Death, Bad Lip Reading, Hunger Games, Worst Ways to Scare Your Kids, Shadow Skill, How it Should Have Ended

The answers were as varied as the teens who filled out the survey. Each participant of the survey was entered into a drawing for a Wal-Mart gift card.

It was interesting to find out what technology is being used and what they enjoy using on their favorite device.

– Gail Roberts, Archie Branch Manager