Tell Your Library Story

From Childhood to Retirement: A Lifelong Love of Libraries

At the heart of every great library is a collection of stories, not just within its shelves but within the lives of those it touches. Cass County Public Library is honored to share the journey of one individual whose life has been intertwined with libraries and books from the very beginning.

Meet Tricia Beaman, a true bibliophile whose passion for reading ignited at a young age. With moves every four years, each new town brought unfamiliar faces and landscapes, yet amidst the ever-changing environments, one constant remained – the local library. It was here that Tricia found solace and familiarity in an unfamiliar place.

Recalling those early days, Tricia fondly remembers the excitement of obtaining a library card, a ticket to endless adventures and discoveries. With the ability to borrow multiple books at a time, the world of literature unfurled before Tricia like a vast tapestry, ready to be explored. However, as Tricia humorously admits, returning books on time was never a strong suit, much to the amusement of her family and librarians alike.

“My mother would joke that we would build a new wing at each library due to my late fines,” Tricia shared.

From picture books such as Babar and Curious George to Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown to Anne of Green Gables, The Queen’s Own Grove, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Tricia embarked on literary escapades that would shape a lifelong love for reading.

Tricia noted that it is no surprise that 27 out of her 29 years in education were spent as an Elementary Librarian as the library helped to build her into such a voracious reader.

“I love putting books in children’s hands and helping them discover the fabulous characters that will become their friends,” Tricia said.

Even now, in retirement, Tricia has found herself back at the library working part-time and sharing her love of reading with all who visit.

“I just can’t get away from it and I never want to!” Tricia said.

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