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Logging Onto Library Computers and Wireless Printing

Starting this month, you will notice all library branches will have a new way for patrons to log onto library computers. Cass County Public Library received a grant to install a new computer and print management system called Cybrarian. The system will also allow patrons to print to library printers from any device.

Patrons will need to sign into a library computer with their library card number and PIN whenever they need to use a computer. Patrons will no longer need to sign in on a paper form at the front desk; they can just go to the computer of their choosing and log on! Patrons who use the Harrisonville branch and Northern Resource Center will just notice that the login screen has changed. The new software will help keep library computers and patron information secure, while providing better statistics for the library’s annual report.

As mentioned above, patrons will soon be able to print at the library from most mobile devices. If you have a document on your phone that just won’t transfer to another device, or you just prefer to use your personal device on the library’s free WiFi, you will be able to print off your document(s). To print from your personal device:

  1. Connect to the library’s WiFi.
  2. Click on the Wireless Printing link on our homepage.
  3. On that page, click the appropriate link for your branch.
  4. This will open a new window or tab with wireless printing instructions and file types that can be printed through the system.
  5. Click I AGREE button to agree to the terms of use.
  6. Click Choose File and browse for the file you need to print.
  7. After you select the desired file, click Upload File.
  8. After the upload is successful, the system will provide you with a print job ID. This is the only identifier you will have for the print job. You will need it to print the file at the print station or front desk.
  9. Click Click here to print your file and confirm the cost of the print job. Black & white prints are 15¢ per page. Double-sided prints are 30¢ per page.
  10. Once the system tells you that your print job is ready, you may go the print station or front desk to pay for retrieve your print(s).

You can also find instructions on our How To… page under Print at the Library. As always, if you’re having difficulties with the new system, you can ask library staff for help!