Choosing Your Homeschool Style

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  Choosing Your Homeschool Style


Here you’ll find information about developing your unique homeschooling style and resources for school planning and setting goals for your child’s progress..

▶︎ Homeschool Styles

When selecting your homeschool method, consider your priorities, goals, and capabilities. The "right" method for your family depends heavily on what those are. This infographic outlines some of the questions to ask yourself first.

Explore Your Options

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Common Homeschool Styles

K12 Virtual Public School
Charlotte Mason
Classical Education
Leadership Model/Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd)
Unit Studies
Unschooling/Interest-Led Model

Other Resources

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▶︎ Student Learning Styles

Educators have long believed that each child has a specific learning style (i.e. visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc) and learn better when taught using their predominant style. Psychologists now say that the learning style model can be detrimental and that students benefit from experimenting with a variety of learning strategies.

Below, you will find information and resources regarding learning styles and creating the right learning environment at home for your child.

See how some of the different learning styles work in this infographic.

Helpful Links

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▶︎ School Planning & Setting Goals
▶︎ Homeschooling High School
▶︎ Homeschool and Special Education

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