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Auto repair manuals, ebooks, resumes, & more at Summer In-service 2012

Did you notice that the library was closed on Monday? Twice a year the library staff takes a day to train. This summer we trained on our new auto repair database, we all tested several different models of ebook readers that we borrowed from the State Library, we learned how to help patrons use a resume building tool, we learned about new tools to research genealogy, and gained useful tips to cope with stress and multi-tasking.

We also took time to work on projects that are hard to complete when the branches are open, like moving furniture, deep cleaning, and weeding old and unused books from our collections.

Oh, and we also posed for a picture:

Cass County Public Library staff photo, August 20, 2012

We recognize how many of you rely on the library and apologize to any of you who were inconvenienced by the library being closed. We hope that taking the time to train ourselves  helps us to provide better and more consistent service to the public.

– Seth Hershberger, assistant director