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An update on state budget cuts for libraries

We sounded the alarm a few weeks ago about looming budget shortfalls caused by Governor Nixon’s cuts to library funds.

We would like to thank everyone who shared the article on social media, called to us to express your concern and took the time to sign the petition.

The petition is still open. Your signatures will be compiled with those of concerned library users and supporters from around the state and we will make sure your voices are heard by the governor himself.

At the #SaveMoLibraries rally in Jefferson City, Governor Nixon declined to meet with library supporters.

We believe we have made an impact. Legislators across the state are better aware of the situation and many have themselves signed a letter that was sent to the governor’s office requesting the release of withheld funds. Last week, we took our message directly to the Capital Building and to the Governor’s office. The rally attracted wide media attention.

However, the governor has yet to release the more than 6 million in withheld library funds. He alone can do so, and we continue to emphasize that libraries directly support his professed priorities of childhood literacy, providing job training and enabling lifelong learning and civic engagement among citizens.

If you agree, sign the petition. Consider emailing or calling the governor’s office. Ask him to release the state aid for libraries.

For more information about how the cuts impact Cass County Public Library, see our previous post.

To see more media coverage of the library funding cuts and the rally in Jefferson City, see below a partial list of recent articles with links.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have more questions.

Christie Kessler, Director
Seth Hershberger, Assistant Director