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Teen Lyricist Cafe today

Today, the Harrisonville library is hosting Teen Lyricist Cafe. This event will be a creative and informational workshop available to young artists wanting to learn the craft or work to further their talents. An overview of lyrics and poetry will be explored as well as examples of good lyrics with their musical counterparts. A discussion of what constitutes good or bad lyrics will be encouraged as well. After this we will work on constructive lyric writing with music for inspiration and coffee paired with snacks for fuel. We invite all budding writers and musicians to join us in what promises to be an eventful time.

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I and Love and Tunes: Discover new music at the library

Hey, library fans – don’t forget the library has music. We have hundreds of CD’s and you can place holds on thousands more in the collection of Kansas City Public Library. Place a hold on a CD you want to hear, and we’ll deliver it to your closest branch just like a book. Or just browse the CD shelf and pick up something that looks interesting.

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