Welcome to the Bookmobile!

Service throughout Cass County begins the first week of October 2022, check the schedule below for specific start dates in your community. If you would like to submit a request for a Bookmobile stop, please fill out a Bookmobile Scheduling Request linked below.  


816-258-2244 | bookmobile@casscolibrary.org

The Bookmobile is a full-service mobile branch of Cass County Public Library. The Bookmobile is wheelchair-accessible, has wireless internet, can fill material requests, and request Interlibrary Loans nationwide.

  • If the Bookmobile will miss a scheduled stop, the closing will be posted on this page and on the Bookmobile’s Facebook page.
  • If a stop location has not been cleared of snow or ice, the Bookmobile may not open as scheduled if there is any risk to the safety of patrons and vehicles.
  • When it begins snowing or freezing during a stop, it is possible the Bookmobile will leave earlier than scheduled.