The Stern Visitations of War in Cass County

Introduction to the exhibit: “The Stern Visitations of War” Cass County’s War Years, 1854 – 1870
Video: An interview with author Tom Rafiner on the writing of his book "Caught Between Three Fires: Cass County, MO., Chaos, & Order No. 11 1860 – 1865

Video: A Civil War Tour of  sites in Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri

For more depth about the stories, events and people in the exhibit, the following reading list is suggested:
Cass County Missouri Families. Cass County Historical Society.
Fellman, Michael. Inside War: The Guerrilla in Missouri During the American Civil War.
Glenn, Allen. History of Cass County, Missouri 1917.
Hale, Donald and Eakin, Joanne. Branded as Rebels. Vol 1 and 2.
The History of Cass and Bates County Missouri. National Historical Company 1883.
Neely, Jeremy. The Border Between them: Violence and Reconciliation on the Kansas-Missouri Line.
Rafiner, Tom. Caught Between Three Fires: Cass County, MO, Chaos & Order No. 11 1860 – 1865. and Cinders and Silence: The Burnt District
Exceptional sites for in-depth information
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