State budget cuts loom over library

Regular readers will know that we normally use this space to promote upcoming library programs or to let patrons know about library services.

But today we need to let you know about a development in Jefferson City that has already impacted our budget this year and has the potential to create revenue shortfalls in future years.

In disputes with the state legislature over how to balance this year's state budget, Governor Nixon has withheld nearly 6 million in state funds that directly support public libraries. His budget for next year make those cuts permanent. The impact on our library is a loss of about $70,000 from our budget this year. With the resulting additional loss of revenue from state grants and matching federal funds, as well as the loss of broadband discounts that the state has until recently leveraged and subsidized for the benefit of libraries, the likely future impact will be in excess of $120,000, or considerably more, out of our budget each year.