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Snapshot Day at the Library

A snapshot of #molibraries.

We recently participated in a state-wide project to record and document a typical day in the life of a public library.

On the designated day, library staff members made a special effort to take pictures of anything and everything going on in the library. Our staff took photos of many typical activities – patrons using the wireless internet, children making crafts, a group discussing a book, staff behind the circulation desk, a library courier sorting books in the garage – and posted it all on Facebook with the hashtag #molibraries.

A few of our favorites from the day are below. Or search “molibraries” in your  favorite social networking website and see photos from public libraries from all across the state.

Young patrons create at Northern Resource Center in Belton on Library Snapshot Day. #molibraries
Patrons at Garden City access the wireless internet on a laptop. #molibraries
A patron locates a good book at the Harrisonville library. #molibraries
The Bookmobile on parade. #molibraries
Libraries are still a place for reading! #molibraries
Sorting library materials for delivery. #molibraries
Working a puzzle at the library. #molibraries