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Seeking Descendants of Quantrill’s Raiders

Did your ancestor ride with William Clarke Quantrill?

August 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s siege on Lawrence, Kansas. The Cass County Public Library Genealogy Branch, Cass County Civil War Roundtable and Cass County Historical Society will host a bus tour on August 17, 2013 tracing the route of Quantrill through Jackson and Cass Counties. We would like to give special recognition to the descendants of the bold men who accompanied Quantrill throughout the war and especially during the trip to raid Lawrence. If you know your ancestor was one of these men we would like to have your contact information. If you suspect one of your ancestors was with Quantrill, we can help you research and document the facts. Please feel free to post your comments here or contact us.

– Jackie Roberts, Genealogy Branch Manager

6 thoughts on “Seeking Descendants of Quantrill’s Raiders

  • Homer L Vaughn

    One ancestor (1st cousin) of ours who rode with Quantrill was a Captain James Vaughn. He was captured at a local barbershop by Kansas “Redlegs” in Kansas City and hung as a spy on May 26, 1863 (Fort Union, approximate location of 12th and Wyandotte) since he wasn’t in a uniform. Burial was near the gallows following his execution. (Re-buried later approximately 7 miles south of Westport but grave lost). This occurred before Lawrence raid of August 1863. Another ancestor, William Henry Vaughn was reportedly (unconfirmed) drafted by Quantrill for the Lawrence raid but managed to break away from the unit prior to the raid and head south.
    Another ancestor serving with Quantrill was (1st cousin) Lt. Dan Vaughn. Lt Dan Vaughn was an artillary officer with Quantrill (Co K Shanks Regiment). He is reputed to have been involved (also unconfirmed) in the Centralia, Mo massacre. (No record of service with “Bloody Bill” Anderson.) He survived the war and went to Texas where he is buried in Fort Worth, Confederate Section. He, along with other CSA Veterans received a small pension from the State of Texas. Dan Vaughn was a brother of James Vaughn. Lastly, James Newton Vaughn was briefly with Quantrill but was regular CSA and rejoined his unit. He was injured at the Battle of Lone Jack (knee) and survived the war. He is buried in Belton Cemetery, Belton Mo.

    • David Bradshaw

      The “Roll of 92” of 6 July 1862, lifted from a dead soldier, lists William Vaughn. Was he the William Henry Vaughn you mention or an entirely different person?

    • Hillary Clinton

      I know where the grave is, 7 or so miles south of wedtport, but took down the headstone to keep seekers from trespassing on my land.

  • Jesse Watson

    My ancestor John Watson was part of Quantrills unit, survived the war and his family (mine) eventually moved to Michigan.

  • Andy Ferm

    My great grandfather Jim Reed also rode with Quantrill and later the james gang

  • trying to find proof or dis prove that my great grandfather Beverly Marcum rode with Quantrill. one site has a B.W. Marcum listed, and was a member until he left for Ky where my mom’s family is from. another site doesn’t have him listed. can anyone help?

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