Online Self Defense

The internet is a big place. Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and many companies, organizations, and individuals store their files, photos, and lives online (in the cloud). It can be easy to take things for granted on the internet, especially since we spend so much time online. Security and privacy are important in our lives, and they should be no less important online.

With this is mind, we have added a page on our website to help patrons learn self-defense and practice good behavior when online. Structured like physical self defense and martial arts programs, this Online Self Defense course moves through different skill levels (belts) to teach online security to everyday users. Start with the White Belt and learn the basics of personal internet security. As you move through the 5 levels, the information gets more advanced and specialized. The information in each level builds on the previous level.

For the typical internet user, the White and Yellow Belts will be sufficient for everyday browsing. However, if you are interested in improving your privacy, move on to the Green Belt. If you want to learn more about encrypting your communications, go through to the Brown Belt. Finally, if you want to lock down your online presence and activity as much as possible, you will be interested in moving on to the Black Belt.

You can find this information in many places online, but rarely in one place (or curated by your local library). Some companies even charge for the information and the implementation of the services listed. We want our patrons to have access to this information and to be safe and responsible digital citizens.

Visit our Online Self Defense page now, and get started: