Monarchs at the Harrisonville library

I am happy to report that on our small acreage, I have been spotting an increased number of Monarch butterflies this summer. They flit around our wildflower garden, spending hours savoring the purple flowers of the Blazing Stars and enjoying our flowering milkweed. My husband and I recently signed our property up as a Monarch Waystation Habitat through, and we will attempt to maintain the plants that sustain these magnificent butterflies in their long migration from Mexico to Canada each year. The monarch migration is an astounding natural phenomenon, but the butterflies are endangered due to the loss of host plants that supply nourishment and energy for their flight.

At the Harrisonville library this August, we will attempt to rear Monarch butterflies from larvae. If all goes well, our larvae will arrive by August 7, and we will be able to watch the transformation from larvae to butterfly. You are invited to come and share this experience through the month of August. When the butterflies are ready, we will release them to follow in the steps of their ancestors.

– Diane Christensen, Harrisonville Branch Manager