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“Is This the Real Library?”: A poem about our technical services department

The Cass County Public Library Technical Services and Administration departments: Left to right (rear): Steve Erichsen, Technology & Facilities Coordinator; Josh Kreuer, Courier; Lori Schneider, Business Manager; Seth Hershberger, Assistant Director; (front) Colleen Miller, Technical Services Coordinator; Marie Vallee, Youth Services Coordinator; Nancy Lees, Interlibrary Loan Specialist; Christie Kessler, Director; Christy Ogle, Technical Services Specialist; Vicky Gray, Technical Services Assistant

When you have a question, who do you call?
But, Tech Services –
They’re on the ball!

In the morning, Vicky takes calls,
The afternoon calls are Nancy’s task,
But if she is busy,
Donna  or the others chip in at last…

Some examples: (it’s all in fun, we’re laughing with you!)
Q: I got a new Kindle, what do I do?
A: Call Steve, he will come to the rescue!

Q: There’s trouble at GC, with some plumbing,
Who do I call?
A: That would be Steve,
He seems to be able to do it all!

Q: We need a plunger in HA,
Who delivers stuff like that?
ASteve will get it to you in nothing flat!

Q: Do you have a book?
ANancy loves to answer this,
As she giggles in her nook!

Q: Can I speak to the one who protects the books?
ADonna wonders, Who do I give this call to?
As bewildered, she looks!

Q: Are you open?
A: Yes we are! We all love this one, as we know
They are hopin’ that we are open!

Q: Are those tax people still there? They ask,
Vicky knows this one is not her task,
A: Very quickly she sends them downstairs,
Where those “tax people” are there to care.

Q: Can I get a black ink cartridge? Can I get some labels,
Am I suppose to have all this strange construction paper?
ANancy to the rescue, asking them questions galore,
Before she can order what they want…and more.

Q: The pages have fallen out of the book
Can you put them back?
A: Give Vicky some Easy Bind, she will
Get those pages back on track!

Q: We didn’t get the cover back for
This DVD, can you make us one?
ADonna will work her magic to make
It look like new, while having fun!

And the best one of all…as we answer the call, saying,
“Cass County Public Library, Administration”
QIs this the real library?
A: Yes, we all say…I will connect you to circulation,
And they will be happy to help you today.

So, when you call upon the Tech Services staff,
You will get the help you need, and probably a laugh!

There’s Steve, our technology guru,
He does most anything you call him to do.
Christy O., a BIG job – our catalog Queen,
Entering ALL books and DVDs to be seen!
Nancy does ordering to keep all in supplies,
Takes care of ILL, and looks for sales on things she buys!
Marie is our Youth Specialist – and when it comes to summer reading,
There is no one better for getting it done, with her leading.
Colleen coordinates, handles magazine subscriptions,
Helps with ILL and keeps up job descriptions,
Donna checks in media and books that come in,
Labels them all and processes the media with a grin!
Vicky takes care of the final process on the books,
Helps with weeding, and photographs us all with our best looks!
Of course that is not all that any of us do in our day,
We help each other do whatever it takes along the way.

So, if you have a question, or if you have a need,
There are 6 of us here, who will do our best, to help you out,
And do it as quickly as we can for any of the patrons, or any of the branches!


– Donna Davis-Hotchkiss, Technical Services Assistant