I and Love and Tunes: Discover new music at the library

Hey, library fans – don’t forget the library has music. We have hundreds of CD’s and you can place holds on thousands more in the collection of Kansas City Public Library. Place a hold on a CD you want to hear, and we’ll deliver it to your closest branch just like a book. Or just browse the CD shelf and pick up something that looks interesting.

Once I was browsing CD’s at the library and I saw some intriguing cover art on an album called Emotionalism. I gave it a listen and the Avett Brothers immediately became one of my favorite bands. I later purchased all their albums and have seen them in concert four times.


Here’s a link to all the Avett Brothers albums that you can borrow from the library.

– Seth Hershberger, Assistant Director – Head of Public Services

Have you ever discovered music you like at the library? Share some of your favorite music by commenting below.

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