How to Survive a Road Trip with Children

My children were born in the wrong generation. They were the victims of long car trips, with the radio cassette player being the most advanced technology we had. We spent many long hours driving across the most desolate parts of Kansas and Colorado singing along with worn tapes and playing the road kill game. This is similar to the license plate game, but with extra points for armadillos. Putting a blanket over your head and reading was the 80’s equivalent of a personal DVD player. By the time we arrived at Grandma’s house we were screeching “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” and throwing Cheez-its.

Today’s child has all the advantages of advanced technology. They can watch movies, listen to music or a favorite book, all at the touch of a button. Make sure you stop by your Cass County library branch before you leave on this summer’s vacation. The miles will slip away when you are listening to an audio book! Whether it’s Harry Potter books, The Boxcar Children, Skippy John Jones or Olivia, we’ve got you covered. Movies and music CD’s are available for both children and adults.

Packing for a road trip with the family may not always allow time for going to the library. When that happens we are as close as your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Load your devices with picture books, audio books, or family classics to read aloud. Go to and check out Missouri Libraries 2 Go, the online source for eBooks and audio books from your library.

Have a great summer and if you get tired of all the high tech entertainment, don’t forget the road kill game.

– Sara Steinmetz, Children’s Specialist, Harrisonville Branch