Dial a Story

When I reflect on childhood memories, many of them include reading and being read to. Obviously, since I am a librarian, this impacted me greatly. I remember walking and riding my bike to the library with my family many times. I remember scanning the shelves and looking at the displays hoping to find another great read. I also remember my parents and teachers reading to me, but I think one of my most distinct memories is from when I first found out that I could call a number from my phone and listen to a librarian read a story!

I don’t remember much about how I found out about this; I just remember how fascinating this was to me. Even if I couldn’t leave my home and go to the library, I could enjoy a book I had never read before. On the other end of the phone I could hear a recorded librarian reading a different book every week! The first book I ever remember listening to was If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Lara Numeroff. I don’t remember very many details about my childhood, but I have never forgotten this first book I ever heard read over the phone.

Last year, I was attending a workshop at the Kansas City Public Library on the Plaza and happened to pick up a flyer for Dial A Story. To my surprise, this was exactly what I remembered as a child. Being so excited, I hurriedly dialed the number as soon as I got in the car. Just as I remembered a librarian began reading a children’s story. Kansas City Public Library is still keeping up this tradition, and it is something that children can still enjoy. Check out this link and have your child call the number. You may be surprised at how excited they are to listen to a story over the phone!

Davette Dean, Harrisonville Library Assistant