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Bookmyne: An app for your library

Cass County Public Library branches can now be found within the Bookmyne app available in the Android and iTunes app stores. The product gives you the ability to find libraries in your area, place holds, search local library collections, gives a current New York Times best sellers list to help find titles, and it has bar-code scanning capability to check multiple libraries for a title in one search. A simpler feature offered by the product is the ability to get the hours and phone numbers of any library by simply searching or scanning your local area. If you don’t have a Google Play account or an iTunes account the application can be downloaded directly from the Bookmyne website.

After using the application personally over the past couple of weeks I can say that it delivers on all of its features. The application itself however is not very user friendly and takes some time to learn to use all of the features. I tested out the product on both an Android phone and an iPod Touch. Both versions are similar although the interface with the Apple device seemed cleaner and easier to navigate. One of the best features for both versions of the app was the ability to scan a book in a book store and see if it is available at your local library. This feature works really well if you have your favorite library branches saved on the device.

Overall, I would highly recommend this application on all devices for anyone willing to get past the slight learning curve and are willing to look past the few short comings of the product.

– Steve Erichsen, Technology and Facilities Coordinator

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  • Ronette Walker

    I would like to be able to checkout books using my stored account number from this app instead of waiting in line to scan my card.

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