A Time to Plant

The snow is melting and the first day of spring is just one week away! Soon we will be seeing little bits of green sprouting up in the yard, reminding us of the warmth to come. And then come the flowers! Every color you can imagine painted perfectly on their delicate petals. Don’t forget the fruits and vegetables that will be growing over the coming months and how tasty (and nutritious!) they will be when grown.

Why not take some time this spring to start your own garden? Whether you have space in the yard, decide to take the growing indoors, or lighten things up in your work place, growing plants of every kind is a fun and rewarding hobby. Don’t think you need a green thumb to help little seedlings turn into fully-grown plants; anyone can do it! And it always helps to get some starting points at the library, of course!

Gardening 101, a collection from The Best of Martha Stewart Living, is a good all-in-one resource to start off with. It covers the basics – from picking out your plants to knowing your tools – in a simple, down-to-earth way. Whether you choose to plant edibles, flowers, shrubs, or some of each, this book gives you the know-how to become the pride of the neighborhood! Invite your friends to help, start a club, or simply enjoy the peace it brings you as you tend to the earth and all that grows in it.

Feel free to pick up a copy of this fantastic book and browse through a myriad of others found at any of our library locations. You, and your new-found garden, will be glad you did.

– Josh Kreuer, Courier