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5 up & coming social media apps

Love social media? Library tech guy, Steve Erichsen, takes a look at some of the newcomers.
1. MixBit – MixBit is a new way to easily create and share videos. The interesting thing about MixBit compared to other social media such as Youtube is that Mixbit allows several people to edit a video together. Videos are broken down into small pieces so they can be easily edited and shared to create a unique experience.

2. FourSquare –Find the perfect places in your area. Fousquare allows you to find common places of interest with friends as well as a way to see what is in the area. A great app if you’re out of town or wanting to meet up with friends.

3. Thumb – A new way to get the opinion of several people in a few minutes. This app lets you ask any question and receive a response within a few minutes with answers from real people. Having trouble on what to wear or what to eat for dinner this app is for you.

4. Chirp – This is a new type of app that allows you to send links to people who also have the app in close proximity. There phone will ‘chirp’ and display the deciphered message. A good way to get the attention of people in a room or public place.

5. Twitch – Have you ever wanted to chat with people about gaming in real time? Twitch allows for people to chat via text and voice while being able to see both the player and the game being played. As a bonus both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles allow you to stream your content directly to Twitch.

– Steve Erichsen, Technology & Facilities Coordinator

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