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5 Intriguing Devices Still to Come in 2013

The new Xbox One is not just for gamers

On a daily basis I work on a number of different devices and different kinds of technology. I truly enjoy getting to see all types of new technologies and see how people are putting these devices to work. This year some truly amazing devices are being made available to the public and I would like to share with you some of the devices I’m most excited about.

1. Google Glass – Google has provided us with not only a great search engine, but great products over the years. The newest such product allows for the ability to send messages, get directions, search for answers, check email, etc. The cool thing about the device is it a pair of glasses that does all of these things via our voice and eye movements. The display on the glasses creates an Augmented Reality that shows us these things while not completely hindering our vision.

2. SmartThings– Have you ever wondered if you remembered to lock the door or shut the garage door after you have already left the house? If so these devices may be for you. They turn our regular homes into smart homes that we can access from our cell phones. You can get alerts when people leave or enter your house, turn devices off and on, open and close garage doors, lock and unlock exterior doors, turn lights off and on, etc. All of these features are accessed just by using our cell phones.

3. Playstation 4/Xbox One– The next generation of gaming consoles should arrive sometime towards the year’s end. The interesting thing about these consoles is they are not solely focused on gaming machines. They are designed more as true multimedia devices. So, sure, I can play great new games on these, but I can also check out Facebook, DVR my favorite shows, Skype or video chat with friends, watch Netflix or Hulu, listen to online radio, etc.

4. Pebble E-Paper Watch – I will admit when I first heard about the idea of Smart Watches I didn’t really see the point. Luckily, that wasn’t the general consensus as the Pebble E-Paper Watch got over 10 million in funding just from kickstarter. These watches not only work as conventional watches , but have many other abilities including keeping track of biking and running speeds as well as distance traveled, email alerts, text messages, listening to music, and you can also create apps for the device with built in simplified programming.

Oculus Rift is a promising new 3D virtual reality system.

5. Oculus Rift– When I think of virtual reality I think of two things 90’s Sci-Fi movies and poorly designed devices that are suppose to provide such an experience. For the first time we may actually get a true virtual reality experience. The Oculus Rift immerses the gamer into a true 3D environment that they can experience firsthand.

– Steve Erichsen, Technology & Facilities Coordinator