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5 Essential Apps for the Kindle Fire

Steve Erichsen, technology & facilities coordinator, downloads an ebook from the library website to his device.

In August 2012, Amazon’s Kindle Fire surpassed all other devices used by Cass County Public Library patrons to download books from Missouri Libraries 2 Go, our own collection of free ebooks. Below the library’s technology guy, Steve Erichsen, who owns a Kindle Fire, recommends some of his favorite apps for the Kindle Fire:

5. Netflix/Hulu+ – I can’t think of a better way to spend time on your new e-reader device than using it to watch movies. In all seriousness these applications both work great and are a perfect way to take your favorite flicks on the go anywhere with a WiFi connection. Both apps are free to download although Netflix/Hulu+ subscription fees apply.

4. Plants vs. Zombies – This is a highly addictive yet straight forward tower defense game. The game provides countless hours of fun to patrons of all ages and even non-gamers should enjoy defending their homes against the seemingly endless waves of zombies.

3. HootSuite – This is a great app for all of our social networking fans that are tired of having to navigate between all of the favorite sites. This handy app allows for you to post to Twitter, Linked in, Facebook, and FourSquare all from the same place. It also has the bonus of being 100% free.

2. IMDb/Flixter – Since we’ve already established earlier that watching movies is a great way to spend time on your e-reader, we might as well make sure what we are watching is good. These apps both provide critic and public reviews to almost every film imaginable. Other great features are being able to see upcoming DVD and theatrical releases.

1. Office Suite Professional – The Kindle Fire comes with the ability to check your email built in and that’s a great feature. However if anyone sends you any documents/spreadsheets/presentations by default you cannot edit these files. With Office Suite Professional it gives you full read and write access to all these file types so you can make changes to any documents on the go.

There are several other great apps other than the ones listed above, and I would strongly suggest trying out any app that you find interesting.

– Steve Erichsen, technology & facilities coordinator