Crouch Files Surname Index

In 1990 Mary B. B. Crouch, avid genealogist and historian willed her entire personel genealogical collection to Cass County Public Library.  Her genealogical research files, consisting of more than 14 file drawers and 187,474 names has been indexed and placed on this website for easy access. This information can be opened in either Excel or Google Sheets.
Copy Fees
Copies may be obtained of most records held in our collection. When processing your request, our staff will determine whether or not the original records may be copied due to fragility and standing copyright agreements.
The minimum fee for all copy requests is $1.00.  This covers up to 4 microfilm/microfiche copies or 6 photocopies.
    Additional microfilm/microfiche copies are 25 cents per page.
    Additional photocopies are 15 cents per page.
Please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for copy requests.  Note: a postage fee will be charged when a stamped envelope is not provided or the number of copies requested will not fit in the envelope provided.
Postage Fees
    1-10 pages: $1.00
    11-39 pages: $2.00
    40-75 pages: $3.00
    76-100 pages: $4.00
A quote will be provided for the postage fee for any copy request greater than 100 pages.
Instructions for Using the Crouch Files Surname Index:
The Crouch Files Every Name Index is sorted in alphabetical order by surname.
To search the comment section use either the shortcut keys CTRL+F or click on Find & Select button in the upper right hand corner of Excel and select Find. 
When the Find & Search box displays you can search the Index for any comment by clicking "Find Next" it will take you to the next place in the index where the searched word is found. You can continually press "Find Next" to go on to the next instance of the word.
Once you have found the desired file take note of what is listed in the folder column.  This is what the Genealogy branch will need to get you the proper information. 
After you receive notice of final cost please mail a list of your requested file numbers plus the appropriate amount (check or money order) to:
Cass Co Public Library Genealogy Branch
400 East Mechanic
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
For help using the Crouch Files Surname Index, or using the this request form, please email or call (816) 884-6285.
Please fill out the form below for any questions to be answered and for the total cost.