Demencha - Music blog covering local artists and the music scene in and around Kansas City.
NPR Music - Listen to albums before their release, hear concert recordings, check out lists of best songs and albums and songs in all genres, or sign up for a song a day. NPR Music also features the popular Tiny Desk Concert video series that features performers recorded in the NPR offices. 
Pandora - Stream music to you taste.
Pitchfork - A popular site for album reviews, new tracks, music festival coverage and song lists that go back to the 1960's.
SoundCloud - Upload and share your own songs, and listen to independent musicians.
Spotify - Click "Get Spotify" to download the free player and select songs and albums from a large catalog of free music.
Stereogum - A blog best known for its song lists and industry-insider covereage of new releases and other music news.
Tate Stevens - Official fan site of The X Factor winner from Cass County.
Youtube - Search artist and song names to watch music videos and stream music.